Mohamed Quafafou Professor of Computer Science - Head of Computer Science Department (Polytech Marseille)
Aix-Marseille University (fr) Research Lab [LIS CNRS], Engineering School [Polytech Marseille]
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Research Interests

Key words : Data Mining, Networked Data, Approximation, Emergence, Ignorance and Rough sets.


I have research interests in the new emerging problems that arise in machine learning and data mining involving heterogeneous, dynamic, distributed and networked data. I focus on the role of Approximation, Emergence and Ignorance in Learning/Mining. An example of an unordered problems list is : 1. Approximation of sets, functions, search spaces, formal concepts and minimal transversals of a hypergraph, 2. Learning from multiple annotators (errors, uncertainty and ignorance), 3. Discovering emergent knowledge (patterns), etc. Solutions of such probelms are proposed considering different formal frameworks as rough set theory, Formal concepts analysis, symbolic machine learning (version spaces) and graphical models.

My research is also driven different application fields as Web information extraction/fusion, interconnected data (Social Networks) mining, Web services, Consumer behavior analysis and Cloud data mining

Mohamed Quafafou